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Commercial Services

We are your fast commercial locksmith, so you can rest assured that your locksmith and security requirements will be taken complete care of in a professional, expert and friendly method. We can service all types of commercial clients, body corporate, small firms, real estate agents, government and police. There are numerous reasons why you must secure your business. Firstly, there are assets which if lost can negatively impact your business’s bottom line. Secondly, privacy is big nowadays and you just do not want to be open to any lawsuit as your important documents were exposed. Thirdly, your employees have to be secured all the time, be it day or night. Our commercial locksmith technicians understand these things well and that’s why we’ve taken time to turn up with most comprehensive safety solutions for small and big businesses alike.

Being one of the best commercial locksmith technicians, we work with corporate headquarters, government departments, shopping complexes, universities, colleges and schools, warehouses, clubs, and even hospitality sector to ensure that they remain safe always. We plan, create and install all types of security system and we make sure that all of our locks are of first-rate quality.

Just call us if you have any kind of commercial locksmith problems and our professional locksmiths can come to your place, evaluate to see what’s needed, discuss the available options for you and on your approval to continue the work will work to your utmost satisfaction. If you have locks already, it is vital that you regularly maintain them in order that they carry on working just like they should. We provide excellent lock maintenance service; all you have to do is contact us and we’ll come to you in our mobile service vehicle, equipped with all the tools, parts and equipment necessary to work on your service requirement. You can also contact us if you want to have your key re-keyed or you need to get copies made.

What makes us different from all other commercial locksmiths?

  • You’re guaranteed with us always

  • You’re guaranteed speed. The moment you contact us, we’ve a team heading to your own commercial property.

  • We make use of the most excellent supplies and equipment only.

  • We do background check on all the locksmiths so that you never need to worry about breaches of privacy or losses.

  • For the type of expert and professional services we provide, we bring you extremely competitive prices.


Protect your business today. Contact us today and let’s come in for assessment of your locksmith and security needs.